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How the Refcheck service works

iD-Refcheck works with an international network of state, financial and legal databases and other information sources to generate the information that qualifies a candidate for a iD-Refcheck WaterMark. This information is delivered to us by secure encrypted communication, where it is added to the database. Our central hub then generates a WaterMark containing the individual’s details, and the information on this WaterMark is sent to the applicant by email.

The applicant may then take the WaterMark and reference number and add it to his/her CV, use it for corporate governance checks, or simply use it as an additional reference source when needed. A third party may independently validate details at a provided URL. In addition, the Watermark Validation Page can be printed and attached to a physical CV or emailed to a third party using the functionalities found on the Validation page The Refcheck WaterMark is non-migratable, and cannot be forged or reproduced.

All applications are preformed online with results being emailed automatically tp applicants upon completion. Refcheck endorses and supports a paperless enviroment and a simple means to strong tracking applications.

While i-Digital cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the data received in response to the application, the company has a policy of only interfacing with data sources who are able to provide evidence of a strong internal control. These include leading credit bureaux, criminal record bureaux and local goverment databases.


A WaterMark is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Before the expiry date, you will be reminded by e-mail that a WaterMark needs to be renewed.

If the WaterMark is not renewed before the end of the notice period, it will be revoked. In this case the holder of the WaterMark will be informed of the revocation of the license to use the WaterMark, and no validation will be possible on the Refcheck database. Any applicant continuing to use the WaterMark will be in breach of the Refcheck Terms and Conditions.