Plea Bargain Arrangements In Disciplinary Cases

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The issue of ‘plea bargaining’ arises where there are several perpetrators involved in a disciplinary transgression. The employer needs one or more co-perpetrators to give evidence at the disciplinary hearing. Can one agree to a lesser sanction in return for his testimony against the alleged accomplices?

Part-time Employment Clarified

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Until recently, our labour legislation has made no reference to part-time employment. What has gone almost unnoticed is the specific introduction of the protection of employees that are employed on a part-time basis in contrast to fixed term contracting that has received a lot of publicity recently.

Employer Rights Pertaining To Pregnancy And Maternity Leave

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Does a job applicant need to disclose her pregnancy status to an employer? May an employer take disciplinary action against an employee who, at the time of appointment, failed to disclose her pregnancy? Or lied about it? May an employee who is on maternity leave be dismissed for genuine reasons relating to performance, disciplinary action or redundancy?

Fixed Term Contracts: Changes Effective 1 Jan 2015

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One of the most important changes to the Labour Relations Act , which came into effect on 1 January 2015, is the added protection afforded to employees on fixed term contracts. While some employers and employees are not directly affected, the impact will be far reaching and employers are encouraged to review their current contracts and practices to ensure compliance.

Contracting Out Of The Labour Relations Act

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Imagine a situation where an employer does not have job vacancy, but agrees to accommodate a person as a favour. The person is employed with the clear understanding that if things do not work out, the contract may be terminated without the employee having recourse to the remedies afforded by the Labour Relations Act. Can this be done?

Changing A Disciplinary Sanction

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Does it make any difference if the employer’s disciplinary procedure makes specific provision for management’s power to overrule a chairperson’s decision? Or if it states that the chairperson’s findings are just recommendations and not final decisions?

Zero Tolerance For Alcohol And Drugs In The Workplace

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Dealing with alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace is not easy. At the one extreme you might have a driver who drinks heavily on a particular occasion while on duty, and then drives and crashes a company vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. At the other extreme, you might have a clerk who occasionally smells of alcohol at the workplace, but approaches the employer of his own free will for assistance with alcohol dependency. While these situations clearly require different approaches, there could be a number of situations in between that each requires a slightly different approach.

Early Termination Of Fixed Term Contract By Baleka Mbete

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When employers want to terminate a fixed-term contract before the expiry date, it would seem to make sense that this could be done as long as they pay the employee for the balance of the term. However, a recent Labour Court case involving the Office of the Presidency has highlighted the fact that premature termination of employment may amount to an unfair dismissal.

Disputes About Benefits Part 2: Disputes Of Right And Disputes Of Interest

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In the previous article we discussed recent developments is case law relating to disputes about ‘benefits’. We pointed out that such disputes that would previously have been referred to the Labour Court because it related to remuneration, may now be referred to the CCMA on the basis that the employer has exercised its discretion unfairly. But there is another potential obstacle that needs to be considered – this is the argument that the CCMA does not have the jurisdiction to arbitrate on so-called ‘disputes of interest’.

Doctors Issuing Sick Certificates On Demand

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Employees are not necessarily the only ones to blame for the abuse of sick leave in South African workplaces. It is a known fact that some doctors earn an easy fee by issuing medical certificates without examining the employee. Most employers assume that they simply have to accept medical certificates at face value.

Quo Vadis Fixed Term Contracts?

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Just as we think that the law pertaining to fixed term contracts has settled, something changes. While the latest development regarding the expectation of renewal of a fixed term contract may be welcomed by employers, there is no reason to celebrate.

Accomodating Cultural Beliefs And Indigenous Customs

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Should an employer try to accommodate an employee’s request for leave of absence to be trained as a traditional healer, where the period of absence may be as long as one month or longer? Or to grant leave in excess of the family responsibility leave available to an employee so that she can fulfil her obligation to arrange for a family member’s funeral?

Trashing Your Boss On Facebook

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Social networks, such as Facebook, serve as a useful vehicle for sharing one’s personal views. It can also have unexpected and unfortunate ramifications. One example is when an employee makes use of a social network to air his views about his or her employer.


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The following is a glossary of words and phrases that subscribers might encounter:

Affirmative Action: Where The Law Stands At Present

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The recently proposed amendments to the Employment Equity Act (‘EEA’) created much discussion and concern. The concern arose from both the substance of some of the proposals and the poor manner in which they were drafted. For now it would appear that the proposed changes (as well as proposed changes to the LRA and the BCEA) will not be passed in law in their current form. We are likely to see, at some point in the not too distant future, better considered and drafted proposals for change.

Prospective Employee’s Duty To Disclose Information

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There is a fair chance that a job seeker has left the employment of the former employer on bad terms. Whatever the circumstances, the applicant is faced with the difficulty that volunteering such information could harm the prospects of getting a new job. The job seeker may get away by being scant on detail in the CV. Being evasive during the job interview is likely to be more problematic. But how far does the duty to disclose go?

Wholesale / Retail

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Downloadable Forms Click here to access these documents in the Forms section

Sectoral Determination 9 – Wholesale and Retail Sector
Wholesale & Retail – Minimum wages 2018-2019
Wholesale & Retail – Contract of employment: Permanent
Wholesale & Retail – Contract of employment: Fixed
Wholesale & Retail – Explanatory notes
Annexure A: Proof of employment
Annexure B: Attendance register
Annexure C: Payslip

Keeping Up With Employment Equity

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Complying with the Employment Equity Act (EEA) is not merely a mechanical process. There are indeed some procedural requirements, but in assessing compliance consideration must be given to whether ‘sufficient progress’ has been made with the …

Unfair Dismissal – Dismissal For Misconduct

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1A1 Notice of Disciplinary Enquiry
1B1 Detailed Guidelines: Preparing for Disciplinary Enquiry
Code of Good Practice.Dismissal (Schedule 8 2009 07 update)
Form 1.1 Disciplinary Code & Procedure
Form 1.2 Informal disciplinary interview.No dismissal envisaged
Form 1.3 Record of warning. All in one
Form 1.4 Notice of disciplinary hearing
Form 1.4b Notice of disciplinary hearing&suspension
Form 1.4c Suspension only
Form 1.5 Formal disciplinary hearing guidelines.Possible dismissal
Form 1.6 Dismissal.notice
Form 1.7 Administration after dismissal
Form 1.8 Certificate of service

Unfair Dismissal – Poor Work Performance

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Code of Good Practice.Dismissal (Schedule 8 2009 07 update)
Form 2.1 Poor performance counselling
Form 2.2 Poor performance Notice of Investigation
Form 2.3 Poor performance Investigation guidelines
Form 2.4 Poor performance Notice of dismissal

Unfair Dismissal – Retrenchment

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Code of Good Practice. Dismissal for operational requirements.1999.07

Form 4.1 Retrenchment checklist
Form 4.2 Invitation to consult
Form 4.3 Letter to employees
Form 4.3 Retrenchment Agreement
Form 4.4 Final decision confirmation
Form 4.5 Final consultation (individual employee)
Form 4.6 Notice of termination
Form 4.7 Reference letter

Unions And Strikes – Protected Strikes

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Code of Good Practice.Picketing.1998.05
Form 8.1 Preparing for a strike
Form 8.2 Checklist during the strike
Form 8.3 Checklist after the strike
Form 8.3 Checklist after the strike2
Form 8.4 Draft picketing agreement
Form 8.5 Strike flow chart

Unions And Strikes – Unprotected Strikes

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Form 9.1 Notice in anticipation of strike
Form 9.2 Notice after commencement of Unlawful Strike
Form 9.3 Further notice during Unlawful Strike
Form 9.4 Unlawful Strike: Ultimatum
Form 9.5 Unlawful Strike: Notice of Dismissal
Form 9.6 Unlawful Strike: Notice of Disciplinary Action

Purpose And Application

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2.1. Generally
2.2. Casual Employees
2.3. Temporary Employees
2.4. Temporary employment services (Labour Brokers)
2.5. Independant contractors?

Downloadable Forms Click here to access these documents in the Forms section

BCEA 2: Wages register
BCEA 3: Attendance register
BCEA 4: Payslip
BCEA 5: Certificate of service