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Until recently, our labour legislation has made no reference to part-time employment. What has gone almost unnoticed is the specific introduction of the protection of employees that are employed on a part-time basis in contrast to fixed term contracting that has received a lot of publicity recently.

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  1. Good day, If employed for more than a year are you entitled to sick leave and annual leave. If so how many days of sick leave after a year.

    1. Author

      Reply to Georgina: Yes, annual leave entitlement applies to anyone employed for more than 4 months. Full sick leave entitlement kicks in after 6 months – if you are a five day per week worker, sick leve entitlement is 30 days in a three year cycle.

    1. Author

      Reply to Gloria: If the employee is employed for more than 4 months, she is entitled to accrue annual leave. During the first 6 months of employment, sick leave accrues at 1 day’s leave per 26 days worked.

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