1. I have been retrenched becasue I am over 60 but not yet 65. The norm of the company is 65 as there are 6 other employees over 65 that are also dismissed.

    My retrenchment is not coming with a package i.e buyout for retrenching me before 65.

    Am I entitled to a “buyout” if so what is the minimium period I should be paid. I have no contract stipulating that I must retire at 60.

    G.P. CHETTY.

    1. Author

      If your services were terminated for operational reasons, you are entitled to one week’s pay for every completed year of service that you had with the employer. It is concerning however to note that it appears that you were retrenched as a result of your age. Age discrimination is a serious matter and I suggest you get some legal advice on declaring a dispute on these grounds.

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