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1 March 2016 is the effective date for an increase in the minimum wage rates in the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

Minimum wage: The increases vary slightly from one job category to the next, but it comes to approximately 5%. This means that, for example, the minimum wage for a manager in the larger metropolitan areas is increased from R6506,44 to R6831,76 per month, and a cashier from R3460,27 to R3660,27 per month (In other areas the minimum wage is less).

Other amendments: The Minister has repealed the current Sectoral Determination and replaced it with a new one. However, the changes are minor and mainly of a technical nature. Except for the incorporation of a few changes introduced in 2013, the basic conditions of employment remain unchanged.

For the a new Sectoral Determination and complete wage tables, click here.

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