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Human Resource Services

Labourwise offers Employers tailored, complete and practical solutions to managing all their Human Resource Requirements.

In order for a business to be successful and maximise its return on investment in its Human Resources/Capital it requires a holistic approach to its policies. Labourwise Human Resources as a trusted partner can assist with the following:

• Recruitment
• Employment Equity
• Labour Relations
• Skills Development
• Company Policies
• Standard Operating Procedures


Ensuring that your organisation is staffed with the correct people with the requisite skills is vital for the success of your business. The recruitment of staff can also be very time consuming and complex and we can offer you value added assistance in this process.

We take the time to develop a thorough understanding of each business we partner and by assisting them on a variety of Human Resource issues we are able to deliver recruitment solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each Employer, which include:

Outsourced Recruitment Service - We source qualified and suitable candidates for our clients at cost effective rates. Significant reductions in fees are given to Labourwise subscribers or when a client gives us an exclusive for the position. We offer the flexibility of a fixed fee or charging a percentage placement fee based on the annual salary of the placed candidate.
Advertising and Response Handling - We provide a limited service where we place the advert on behalf of the Client and perform the initial screening of applicants and present them for interviews.


Making sure that your Company complies with Employment Equity legislation has become an essential component of Human Resource Management. Having an equitable balance of employees is essential for the growth of your Company and the economy as a whole. We can advise and assist you on how to submit your annual or bi-annual reports, and also offer a full service to ensure your organisation is compliant with the Employment Equity Act by doing the following:

• Drawing up an Employment Equity Plan;
• Identifying potential barriers for Employment Equity that might exist in your company and advise how to overcome these barriers;
• Provide an Employment Equity Policy document;
• Provide training to the Employment Equity committee and
• Submitting EEA2 and EEA4 reports to the Department of Labour annually or bi-annually


Having a verified Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status is becoming an essential element of every business in South Africa and Labourwise Human Resources is able to guide and assist you through the verification process.

Labourwise provides you with simple and realistic advice aimed at maximising your Company’s initial B-BBEE scorecard and thereafter improving your status. We will assist you on an annual basis in maintaining the necessary records which are required for verification purposes by an independent verification agency.


Training your Employees and ensuring that skills are developed within your organisation plays a vital role in ensuring the long terms viability and sustainability of your business. Labourwise Human Resources can assist you in receiving maximum value from this process by helping you in claiming back a significant portion of your Skills Development Levy (SDL) paid annually. This is done by assisting you in the drafting of Skills Development Plans and reports to your SETA.

We can also advise you regarding Learnership programs and their associated tax deductions as well as maximising employment creation incentives promulgated by government from time to time.


Keeping track of your Employees’ work performance can be a vital cog in the success of your organisation and a performance management system can be a very useful tool in ensuring that their goals are the same as yours. Employees crave for one on one feedback from their managers and Labourwise Human Resources’ systems are designed to ensure that this takes place in a constructive and motivating environment.

We can assist you in setting up and maintaining a Performance Management system that is suited to your organisation, which includes: drafting comprehensive job descriptions, monitoring probationary employees and tailoring reward packages to the system.

We can also offer assistance to employees not meeting their expected performance.


It is vital for companies to have up to date Standard Operating Policies and Procedures in place. Ensuring that all employees in your organisation are aware of the policies and procedures is essential. This helps in ensuring that tasks are performed to the required standard and that there is conformity and consistency in dealing with them. It also provides you with continuity particularly when employing new staff.

Labourwise Human Resources can assist you in drafting and maintaining Policies and Procedures that are easy to understand, are practical and compliant with relevant legislation.