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POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act)

Guidance note: Information Officers
Registration form: Information Officer
Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013
Information Regulator Contact details

Watch POPIA presentation by Adv. Marissa Zeelie

POPIA - An Employer's perspective

"The upside of POPI" by Neil Raymer

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  • Privacy Policy and Statement example (Small businesses)
  • Privacy Policy and Statement example (Medium and Large businesses)
  • Contracts containing privacy clause
  • Addendum to contract to provide for privacy of personal information
  • Contract with/Undertaking by service provider
  • Undertaking by employee
  • Access to the full POPI Act, guidance notes, Information Officer registration form and Authorisation
  • Checklist
  • Practical advice on the best approach to POPIA for your organisation

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  1. What are the requirements to discipline employees using CCTV foootage.
    Do we need employees consent or not.
    Footage used by security unit and nowhere else in the company.

    1. Video footage can be considered personal information as defined by the POPIA. You should be able to justify using it on the basis of pursuing your legitimate interests (i.e. protecting the property of the employer and other employees), but certain areas (e.g. bathrooms) would be off limits. To avoid controversy, it would be advisable to obtain consent if practicable.

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